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Opening Keynote General Session: Powerful Messages Start with Powerful Ideas

Speaker: Tamsen Webster

Every great event starts with a powerful idea. Join your BrandStorm collogues for this inspiring opening general session where Idea Whisperer Tamsen Webster will motivate the crowd to think powerfully throughout the 2019 BrandStorm event.

Lunch General Session: Debate Storm

Speakers: Jeremiah Oywang & Justin Levy

Do you enjoy being a fly-on-the-wall while someone close is having a healthy debate? Maybe you prefer to share your own thoughts, contributing to one side or the other (or both?). During this lunch general session, youll be encouraged to drop your fork and get engaged as friends, colleagues and social media industry thought leaders Jeremiah Owyang and Justin Levy stir up a Debate Storm of timely marketing topics. The menu changes daily, so stay tuned as topics develop

Be a People Whisperer: An Exercise in Relationship Development

Speaker: Kit Pang

When's the last time you played telephone? Practice the art of communication during this experiential exercise where you will learn key strategies to boost your people skills, charisma and persuasiveness through communication. You've been communicating your whole life, in this age of distraction, wouldn't you like be better at it?

Concurrent Sessions

Foodservice: The Next Produce Marketing Frontier

Speaker: Ed Hoffman 

Household spending on packaged food at retail has stagnated in North America since 2016, while spending on foodservice has grown. Busier lifestyles, shifting views of health and food-obsessed millennials passage into parenthood are among the factors promising explosive growth for meal options at the intersection of nutrition and convenience. For produce brands, there is a pressing need to preserve margins and emotional appeal in an era of rising competition at retail. Foodservice offers marketers a valuable way forward, allowing for deep connections and rich experiences in a changing world. Learn what produce marketers need to know about modern mealtime behaviors and influences. 

Packaging Design and Shelf Appeal

Speaker: Jennifer Tillman

Catching consumers attention in-store is arbitrary at best, however there a slight and sometimes more obvious means of grabbing attention through packaging design and shelf appeal that ensure your brand stands attention and captures consumers during this crucial decision making window of time.


Voice Search: How to Optimize Your Brand Search-ability

Speaker: John Lincoln

Digital marketing has moved into the sixth sense of voice search. Brands need to reach the connected consumer who has stopped typing their searches and now relies on Alexa, Siri and a growing system of voice devices to tell them the answers to the questions theyre asking in their home, office, grocery and on-the-go! Learn to optimize your brand through voice search in this informative session that will prepare you with a competitive edge.

Cannabis: The Next Brand Frontier

Speakers: Shawn Shevlin & Dakota Sullivan

Creating a memorable brand in a sea of products can be a challenge. What if you had the opportunity to start telling your brand story from the first day of a new industry? Hear from a panel of companies who are doing just that in the new frontier of the commercial cannabis industry. Learn creative and agile brand strategies and approaches to bringing this stigmatized commodity into the brand spotlight.

How to Reset Your Brand After a Crisis

Speaker: Amy Philpott

In the wake of a crisis, many brands seem to suffer from temporary loss of sense. The emotional rollercoaster causes blurred thinking and snap judgement which can lead to more challenges than the crisis itself. Just as a solid crisis plan serves as the North Star to guide a company through the rough waters, so too will a strong post-crisis strategy. In this session, learn ways to overcome common missteps of brand management after a crisis and ways to rebuild your brands reputation going forward.

X-Change Webinar

X-Change Discussion: Trends

Listen in as Elena Hernandez discusses marketing trends during this years BrandStorm Webinar.

X-Change Discussion: Influencers

Listen in as Brock Nemececk discusses marketing Influencers during this years BrandStorm Webinar.


X-Change Discussion: Bots

Listen in as Mackenzie Wortham discusses Bots during this years BrandStorm Webinar.

X-Change Discussion: Retail Marketing

Listen in as Julie DeWolf discusses Retail Marketing during this years BrandStorm Webinar.

X-Change Discussion: Marketing 101

Listen in as Karen Nardozza discusses Marketing 101 during this years BrandStorm Webinar.

The BrandStorm Tour Presentation

The BrandStorm Tour

  • Jen Berliner, President, ZÜPA NOMA
  • Chris Sebastiani, Winemaker, Vianca Sonoma
  • Jon Sebastiani, Founder and Managing Partner, Sonoma Brands
  • Lauren Egan, VP of Brand, PECKISH

Attendees heard the history and developments of a number of Sonoma Brands’ products in the Instagram worthy setting of Viansa Sonoma. Brothers Chris and Jon Sebastiani hosted a tour of the vineyard and shared the Viansa brand story – their unique and personal family affair. Throughout the afternoon, BrandStorm Tour attendees also learned of a number of brands Sebastiani has created throughout his career and gain brand strategy insights from the leaders of each.